The matter of seam allownace

Seam allowance.

This is the place where we(sewyer) can play with fabric. this place offers us to make perfect or better fit for our each body. it’s very generous place for us.

Before start pattern tracing, the first thing what you have to know is The matter of Seam allowance. does this pattern include seam allowance or doesn’t include seam alllowance???

if it does, you allow cut simply following the pattern line but if it doesn’t, you should add seam allowance and cut the fabric. if you forget and cut the seam line without any seam allowance, you never can back anymore. you waisted your gorgeous fabric.

I started sewing with Burdastyle pattern which doesn’t include seam allowance. i did practice pattern tracing with adding seam allownace over and over. i feel better and better sewing when i see exact seam line and add seam allowance by myself  instead of seam allowance line. it may sounds stupid if i say i reduce seam allowance and redraw seam line on the pattern when i sew Vogue or Butterick or patterns from US or like By Hand London which i am following sewalong at the moment.

But i know one person who does like me or i do like her. Susan Kalje from Craftsy.

I joined her class and she was doing this redraw seam line processing  before pattern tracing.  I was so greatful to know that.

This is how i do and you will understand if you are a sewyer.

This is all what we want. PERFECT FIT FOR ME!!!



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