Assembling bodice -Elisalex dress step 3-


According to By hand London sewlong post today, i was allowed to attach the bodice together. yohooo!!!(you see. i am very patient this time and do my best for following this sewalong one by one)

it was very quick and my fabric was so easy to work.


I trimmed excess seam allownace using ziczac scissor only. anyway i will line it. lining process should come now before attach skirt and bodice. but i haven’t decided lining fabric yet. i was thinking solid yellow lining but i think it’s too boaring and too much yellow everywhere. i guess i will use another colour.


This pattern is quite simple but after assembling, i could see how well made.

I love this curvy front panel and it is very well shaped already though fabric alone.

I should run to fabric store to get lining tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Assembling bodice -Elisalex dress step 3-

    • wow,Charlotte.Thanks so much.
      I had few changes during process. but finishing is just over there as same as your sewalong. This dress suprises me in every step. i have a fun with sewalong.



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