Elisalex Dress #4

This is my Elisalex dress. This is a piece of dress with Love and Love.

I made many many of dresses but i don’t remember when i was so much careful to move to  the every next step like this time. I spent quite long time than usually i do for a piece of dress but it was enough worth. I am very happy!!!

I used a pattern Elisalex by By Hand London(as most of you know). Size UK8 with no alteration except skirt length. This pattern has loooong skirt length(it may really maxi skirt for me???) so i shortend 12inch on pattern tracing and 2.5inch again later.

about bodice. I really love this bodice. it fits me perfectly. i can imagine another beautiful dress with Elisalex bodice + Charlotte skirt. I may try.

It’s Easter. spring and Easter and yellow dress. sounds perfect but it’s still so cold. I miss sunshine but this yellow dress cheers me up absolutely.







9 thoughts on “Elisalex Dress #4

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