Me-Made-May’13 Signed up!!

I signed up for Me-Made-May’13 today.

What is it??? it is great self challenge event  for peoples who sew and also big communication space on web. I wear at least one of self made garment  each day on May and post it or share it with peoples.

Why i wanna participate in MMM’13 project. i have huge size of wardrobe than other women who i know because i sew. i wear self made clothes almost everyday but also i never worn many of them. i do love to sew dresses especially. just beautiful dresses but it’s not always suitable for everyday my life. indeed with kids.

but anyway it makes me happy to make my dream clothes and keep them in my wardrobe for sometime. isn’t it wonderful to have choices for any of occation in your wardrobe?

I change clothes one or twice or sometimes three times a day depends my daily, hourly activities. it’s three kind of situation. Morning when kids are in school. Afternoon activities with kids which requires me being more sporty. Afternoon activities with or without kids which allows me to wear what i used to wear.

so this will be the great chance to re-organise my wardrobe. my target is intergrate forgotten clothes into my daily life and discover the holes in my wardrobe.

I don’t wanna any pressure for daily posting so i will post weekly.

It’s fun and should bring joy as same as i do sewing.

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