Please don’t laugh me if you know who i imitated or tried to imitate.

I am a HUGE fan of Victoria Beckham. not just her designs. i think she is really clever and modern wife, mother and also as herself.

Her bags and clutchs are absolutely gorgeous.

This is my very first bag project and also leather project.

I had a chance to get wonderful leather pieces or i can say i rescued pieces from rubbish container.


This is what my clutch leather was previously. it was a sample car interior leather piece from MASERATI, Italy. I brought them from my husband’s company rubbish container. brilliant upcycling!!! right??


I made a inside pocket and inserted carton paper to stabilize the clutch shape.




Please do not see too closer. It’s not super clean work. i used normal home sewing machine for entire clutch. it wan’t easy but i could work with it because of soft leather.

however it was surprisingly quick project and really love my new clutch.


2 thoughts on “Clutch

    • Thank you so much!! This leather is as gorgeous as Maserati.
      I still have more of samples with different colors. I am pretty sure i will use leather sewing machine next time.


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