Named Blair Batwing shirt


My very first Named project –Named Blair Batwing shirt

You probably have heard about this new independant Finnish pattern company from here and there sewing blog world if you really sew and if you were looking for a pattern something different. Named is the one!!!

I was so happy when i saw Named pattern first time and purchased 3 patterns immediately for trial. I will purchase and sew all of them soon or later anyway.

I chose Batwing shirt as a first project. it’s very quick and easy project as it has only 3 of pattern pieces. I had to experience myself what is so different Named pattern, it looks good but how it will fit to me and i will like it at the end  or not.

I started this project yesterday morning and i finished it last night. it was QUICK.

One thing you must know before you decide to go with Named Pattern,you will feel that you have extra work for pattern preparation. One pattern you buy is inclued only 2 sizes so you must be careful if you have a size which is between two sizes. This is PDF file so you download as usual and copy as usual but you have to trace on tracing paper again instead of cut your size directly.

There’re several issues and opinions about that. but for me? I love it. waste less paper and less confusion. I do trace PDF patterns on tracing paper however for storage reason.

Frankly say, i wasn’t sure about this Batwing style shorty(really shorty) during process. I like fitted style normally and reraly wear baggy style.

BUT I surprised myself after finishing. It’s just perfect outfit for my daily life. Comfy, pratical and stylish for mom’s everyday outfit. it’s versitile as well.


This Cut Out-attach the lace back neck detail is my special last touch.




I sewn the shoulder seam include selvage stripe from rest of same fabric together for preventing strech out.

I followed the instruction every step and it was very easy to understand and helped better and quick result.

Named projects will be continued so stay tuned!!!

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