Everyday Skirt challenge


Wear a skirt, Feel a woman.

I decided to give myself a new challenge, “Make  skirts, Wear a skirt”

I recongnized how little i sewn skirts and how little skirts variation i have in my wardrobe.

so i started here my first skirt which transformed from my previous project “coffee date dress”  which  i never worn.

This dress made with a bit expensive medium weight jersey which is unusual for me. I never pay much money for jersey fabric.  so this -rarely worn-  dress was always in  my mind for something transformation.


Actually i was inspired this skirt by Nora skirt from Garmenter, which was launched recently in Stockholm, Sweden.  and also caught my attention totally.

I wanted to purchase Garmenter Pattern immediately but i spent my pattern budge out so i just  brought an idea and purchase next month.


I used no pattern.  measured myself and drafted directly on the fabric.

I inserted two piece pockets which always usuful. used my fabric scraps for pocket pieces..






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