DonnaKaran wrap shirt







One of my MUST TO SEW VINTAGE pattern.

It wasn’t so clear this top’s construction till i started pattern tracing. i sewn many of wrap families such as wrap dress DVF alike and tops. but this top is amazing.

It is very feminine as you can imagine from the Designer Donna Karan.

It hugs woman’s body and i think it is for all kind of woman’s body shape.

I love especially Back closing. It has grosgrain ribbon on each side of bodice and has Hook and Eye closer. This is eye catcher from behind.

I own few pieces of DonnaKarann pattern but this is my first piece.

How do i like it? I LOVE IT.

I am gonna make Bodysuit shirt(image right bottom) version soon.

11 thoughts on “DonnaKaran wrap shirt

  1. das gefällt mir TOTAL!
    ich stehe auf Donna Karan, aber noch mehr stehe ich aud die wrap-teile..
    ich beneide dich regelrecht um so hübsches oberteil!
    auch die handarbeit ist erstklassig!
    welche vogue war das?


  2. I love Donna Karan patterns. Almost every one of my vogue makes are from her. Or DKNY.
    This one is no exception. It looks great on you.


  3. Saw your pic of this on pinterest, now I really want to search out this pattern! You’ve done a lovely job, and I’m glad I’ve found your blog- all your stuff is so gorgeous!


  4. Beautifully done! I found your blog while looking for this vintage pattern. I’ll be creating the shorter sleeve version later this summer. Your work is an inspiration.


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