Winter Nora


May i introduce you my “Winter Nora”?

If you followed my previous instagram posts, you must have heard this name already. Here i show you all about my Winter Nora skirt.

Nora is the one of skirt alteration variation from Garmenter skirt pattern.  Garmenter is very innovative- new- pattern company. it’s basic muslin pattern. everything is ready to be cut and amazingly easy to work. and sew it together , fit on your body and you have perfectly fitted basic skirt(in my case) which can be altered to almost every kind of future skirt projects.

There are 3 kind of skirts variation which you can choose from her alteration projects at the moment. I had my eyes on Sofia skirt even before ordering a pattern but i am happy that i started Nora skirt at first.

Nora helped me to understand pattern construction and alter techniques. it’s very simple mini length skirt. so easy to make but so great skirt for every occasion.






Cut, Fit, Alter!!! by Garmenter





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