Gorgeous Georgia dress


My second ByHandLondon project. first one was Elisalex dress you may seen here. I didn’t rush to make Georgia dress so much because it’s totally winter in Switzerland. not much chances to wear skirts. even with tights. so i used Georgia pattern kinda decoration for my sewing room. BUT i did it. i couldn’t resist to have this gorgeous georgia. not only as a pattern. I used Japanese cotton which i bought at tessutifabric webshop few years ago. i didn’t know know what to do but i think i did perfect choice for fabric and for georgia.


Shall i tell you my not so proud sewing secret? i didn’t pre washed. or i did???? i didn’t as long as i remember. or i may did immediately after purchasing. i will know after first washing or i will give my best not to wash this dress. and another secret. i didn’t do fitting till finishing. ohhhhh…too much risk. right? but i knew it will fits me well from elisalex experience. sorry to peoples there who has to alter pattern for perfect fitting. but byHandLondon girls make just perfect pattern for me. I love you, girls!!!! of course i love Gerogia dress so much. i feel so good immediately when i slip into this dress.



7 thoughts on “Gorgeous Georgia dress

  1. Beautiful! Nice one lining the dress fully, super duper chic. Glad to hear that our patterns fit you so well 🙂 And, bring on spring so we can all go out in dresses again!


    • Thank you so much, Charlotte!!!
      I feel so great on this dress. and love your girls work. i give you a tip about my next project. it starts with A——. too difficult?? haha.


  2. It’s beautiful! I love that you fully lined it. I’m trying to do the same with mine but as a complete newbie to sewing, I wonder if you mind giving me a few pointers? What was your order of construction? Did you stick with the pattern order, and join the bodice and bodice lining before joining them separately to the skirt and skirt lining? Or did you join the bodice to the skirt, and bodice lining to the skirt lining before then joining both large pieces together? (I hope that makes sense?) Sorry if this question seems super obvious, but I am very new to all this! 🙂


    • Hi, elle. Thank you for coming and nice comment.
      so here is how i did my lining. simple actually.
      i completed bodice and bodice lining at first. and sewn together bodice outer and skirt outer. after that sewn bodice lining(my case, i used same fabric with outer as you see on the image) and skirt lining. i didn’t stick with instruction but please follow instruction when you are not sure how to do. or please follow Georgia dress sewalong on ByhandLondon blog. they have done bodice at the moment. you are not so late if you are in now.
      Happy sewing Georgia. it’s great pattern.


      • Thank you! I had thought that the order you’ve used would be easier and make more sense. But I’m also definitely following the sewalong for all their tips as well! Thanks for taking the time to share what you did.


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