Midi Skirt


It’s still cold outside and we are still expecting more snow. I am working on new wool cape coat(btw i found a perfect pattern finally) right now but i jump to summer shortly.

My first French sewing pattern. more exactly, the very first completed French sewing pattern. Midi skirt by Vanessa Pouzet. I purchased 5 of her sewing patterns. it’s all PDF pattern. her patterns are quite clean and simple and pretty. I had trouble with PDF file. it doesn’t show any matching points on each pages and the size lines didn’t match perfectly. i was embarrassed but i attached simply page to page and redrawn lines where it didn’t match together. i don’t think it’s her PDF problem but i don’t think it’s my printer problem either because i have been perfectly attached Salme or other PDF patterns. i don’t think this few millimeter differences affects the perfect fitting. at least i hope.

Anyway, this MIDI skirt pattern is VERY simple. even no pattern. it’s text. and French. but no worry. we are sewer. we can handle it!!!haha

I copied Vanessa’s sample skirt on her website. it’s all my favorite. stripe, yellow, midi and yellow buttons.

MidiSkirt by VanessaPouzet

Fabric from Nesshome







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