Carrie’s dress

I stole SATC Carrie’s style(btw not the first time). I saw almost all of SATC television sitcom and movie as well and no need to say how much i adore Carrie’s outfit as same as many of you do. This time i made a dress which was inspired by one of her dress. frankly i didn’t realized this dress from the movie but it caught my eyes immediately when i was searching something on the SATC movie book. it has no label(vintage) so i couldn’t get any of information about this dress. only i could imagine something with apricot or salmon color Linen fabric, simple short shift dress with big side pocket. i started to search matching pattern and fabric. and i found this gorgeous fabric from Valentino even sale price.


I searched almost every single of dress pattern from Burdastyle and this pattern was selected.IMG_6936IMG_6935

It is a tank shift dress with little details. little details i really enjoyed to work with. stitched long bust darts, slightly drop waistline and top stitched pockets. these details made this dress very special.


It has neck and arm combined facing and also full lining. i like to line a dress. it looking very professional and gives stability. but i never followed instruction or traditional way. i always did on my way and it worked well. however i decided to follow or at least try to figure out how to do RIGHT facing. it took time but i did. and i will do again and again in this way All in One facing. it looks neat in wrong side of garment and professional looking.



I add this dress into my master piece category. I am looking so forward to warm weather so i can finally wear it without any coat or tights.

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