Robe Luisa

soft Jersey Dress, Robe Luisa. Pattern by makemylemonade, my recent favorite French pattern. I spent most of time to figure out to understand French. This is Free PDF pattern but it took time to realize they offer patterns as free PDF as well. You can get beautifully printed pattern at wearlemonade too.  however it was enough worth to spend time and effort. so pretty and perfect size for me. i did not need any modification.


Here i am wearing laneslip which i made using named patterns under Dress Luisa because my Luisa is slightly sheer.


5 thoughts on “Robe Luisa

  1. I love this pattern and you made such a gorgeous version. So glad I found your blog looking for peoples different versions.
    I think the free pdf has gone 😦 which is a shame because I would love to make this up but have no money for it t the moment.


    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I just had a look lemonade blog but PDF is still there. you can click ( télécharger ici ) which was written just over the youtube tutorial. this is the where you can download PDF.
      I hope you can make your own Luisa very soon. Happy sewing Luisa!!

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