Swing Dress


Have you seen latest issue of La maison victor? if you say yes, i bet you already have this dress in your mind. if you don’t have any chance to see this magazine, i am so sorry.

This is my first project from La mason victor though i have been purchasing every issue since they released first issue. it was available only in French and Dutch at the beginning. but i bought anyway. it’s sewing world. luckily they realeased German(which is my current daily language) issue after few months later.

Back to Swing dress. i had many of reason why i have to make this immediately. i wanted a dress i can wear in my daily life and also can be transformed for any of special occasion with extra accessories . i wanted a dress make me feel comfortable but still feminine(sack dress is not for me. i found out). and i found coincidentally almost same fabric like magazine version from my fabric stash. perfect!


it’s wild leather alike fabric with light weight and slightly elastic. This dress was laid on the bias. it has fitted bodice which is perfect pair with wide skirt. it is swing dress.

I didn’t do any modification. i used Gütermann stickvlies instead of stitching for hemming. easy and clean finishing when you are working with leather or wild leather.

It’s just perfect weather to wear it. it’s soft, light and keep me warm at the same time.


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