slip into Slip dress….

Slip dress.

you must have heard this name already since you were a little girl. at least i am. i remember my mom collected many of slip dresses in different colors and designs. she worn it always under the dress and also at night. it was slip dress as it was always. it was beautiful but i never thought i need one specially since i started being interested in Lingeries as a grown up woman.

BUT things are different now. Slip dress is back and it’s hot. yet it is a Dress!! yet it is versatile. i realized how much this little dress makes a woman pretty and sexy. so I as a DIY sewer decided to make it as a Lingerie first.

I was searching something right one and looking for a pattern among recently released patterns. it’s hard to explain exactly but it didn’t take even few minutes till i say “this is it”. Pattern is Slip dress by Just patterns

Just pattern shows slip dress as a dress. it has only 2 pieces front and back pieces and you need to cut two of straps. it is fully lined.


I used gorgeous Champaign color fabric from my fabric stash. it is actually lining fabric but it has right amount of weight so drapes beautifully and very soft.


I made all in one neck and armhole facing instead of full lining since it is a lingerie. both side seams are sewn with french seams.


It is not always fun to make spaghetti straps but this time yes. it was funny. i followed straps tutorial from Eira at The Pattern Line. I want link it but it’s not available right now. however the key point is Do not cut excess seam allowance before turn it over and it gives straps pretty round shape.


My forever favorite tool. narrow hem foot for hemming.


Pattern Just Pattern Slip dress

Size 34

No alteration except shortened skirt length

It’s never easy to work with suitable fabrics for slip dress. but Just patterns offers resource pages what all you need. i promise this won’t be the last slip dress i make. i am gonna make long slip dress, slip dress as a dress, evening slip dress, slip dress with prints, slip dress with silk………. so please stay tuned!!

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